About Us

The Sierra Quest Human Services Foundation, Inc. (SQHSF) is an all-inclusive resource and support network for foster/probation youth of all ages. Through the operation of the Sierra Quest Academy (Group Home) we have developed policies and procedures, needs and services plans, and techniques in working with foster and probation youth that assist them in reaching their potential. By expanding our program to include Sierra Quest Foster Family Agency (FFA) and Sierra Quest Transitional Housing Program (THP+FC), we have now extended our experience and knowledge to assisting foster and probation youth of all ages and levels of need. Our association with Quest Community Counseling Services, Inc. has enabled us to provide expert mental health counseling to the youth involved in all of our programs. Our agencies’ programs provide a permanent, stable resource for parents, foster parents, agencies and youth throughout their foster care and probation experience.

Scott Seymour, MA Counseling Psychology, Executive Director founded the company in 2009. He has 25 years of experience and his background includes: Lead Counselor, Mariposa County High School; Mariposa County School District’s Counseling Coordinator; Assistant Principal, MCHS; and Emergency Response Coordinator for Mariposa County’s Behavioral Health, Adult Protective Services and Child Welfare Services departments.

Jerry Lura, Sierra Quest Academy’s Administrator has a long history of working with at risk youth in his church, through overseas missions and as the Wrestling coach at the local High School.

Dave Goger LCSW, Sierra Quest Transitional Housing Social Work Supervisor and Senior Therapist for Quest Counseling has 25+ years of being in the helping profession has included pastoral counseling, clinical therapist for welfare-to-work clients, therapeutic case management for children’s system of care, child welfare supervisor and executive director for regional domestic violence and sexual assault agency. Most recently he was clinical social worker in a maximum security forensic treatment facility.  

SQHSFI’s mission is “to change lives through developing meaningful relationships that build on youths’ individual strengths, while involving them in therapeutically- based supportive programs.”

Sierra Quest family of services, along with Quest Community Counseling, provides a complete and therapeutic array of services to foster and probation youth at every level of need.