Transitional Housing Program + Foster Care

License Number 227206709

Sierra Quest Transitional Housing Program (SQTHP) is a 24-month, program for non-minor dependents, ages 18-21, who have aged out of the foster care system.

The program focuses on meeting the needs of young adults through managed support services and housing that allow for successful transition into independent living. The Program focuses on teaching life skills as well as obtaining higher levels of academic education and employment training opportunities. While individuals receive instruction in life skills and enter school and/or work programs, they benefit from a safety net of support that allows them to experience independent living in a secure and safe living environment.

The housing models in SQTHP are dependent on the participants’ level of maturity and ability to live independently. They consist of the following: 1) scattered Single-Site Housing, which refers to leasing apartments in various locations throughout identified communities; 2) the Host Family Model, where participants live in a family setting with a relative, current or former foster family, or other consistent, caring adult who has been screened and approved by SQTHP staff; or 3) Assessment and Training House, a semi- supervised setting where participants rent a room from the program and receive intensive independent living skills instruction to prepare them for their own apartment.

The SQTHP’s mission is to foster self-confidence and self-reliance in the individual’s vocational, educational, social, spiritual and adult life.